Sislocar Bonded Warehouses

We are the only Logistics Group in Costa Rica with Bonded Warehouses in the most prominent customs locations: Limón, Caldera, and Santamaria Customs. We offer a wide range of services, from dry and cold storage to air cargo management and local transportation. We have state-of-the-art equipment such as forklifts, pallet jacks, and yard tractors for efficient operations.

Furthermore, our three facilities are BASC certified, ensuring the security and proper handling of merchandise. We have also been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag Certification for our commitment to responsible waste management, recycling, and environmental protection. In summary, we offer comprehensive logistics services backed by cutting-edge technology and a strong commitment to safety and environmental sustainability.

General Cargo Storage

Our strategically located warehouses in Caldera, Limón, and the GAM area are equipped with real-time tracking technology and maintained in optimal conditions to ensure efficient and punctual cargo handling. In Caldera, we have a 3500-square-meter warehouse with a spacious platform for 20 containers in a row and a selective rack system, supported by stackers and three combustion forklifts. In Limón, our 5500-square-meter warehouse allows for the positioning of 30 containers in a row, featuring a selective rack and floor-level storage space, with two stackers and four combustion forklifts. In the GAM area, a 9000-square-meter warehouse divided into three areas offers ample capacity for receiving air cargo, consolidated shipments, and containers, with selective rack systems, spaces for various types of merchandise, and a total of two stackers and nine combustion forklifts.

Cold Storage

At our ports in Caldera and Limón, we have Cold Rooms offering variable temperatures, from refrigerated to frozen, equipped with power plug systems for container connection, reducing the use of fuels to maintain the right temperature. We have implemented the SITRAT verification system for continuous temperature monitoring of merchandise, and we have dedicated offices to expedite responses to MAG and SENASA authorities, ensuring a secure and efficient unloading process for our customers.

Our warehouses are equipped with solar panels, allowing us to reduce our reliance on the ICE grid and further contribute to our commitment to nature.

Chemical Storage

We have warehouses for the storage of chemical products primarily in Caldera and Limón. These warehouses are completely separated from the rest of the storage areas to prevent any contamination with other products. They are equipped with all safety equipment, including showers, spill kits, and fully trained personnel in case of spills or incidents. We also have a Chemical Manager who constantly reviews product safety data sheets to ensure safe storage.


We were pioneers in Vehicle Storage, with over 42 years of experience in this segment, which makes us completely confident in the quality of service and added value we can provide to our customers. In Limón, we have a 15,000-square-meter yard, in Caldera 12,000 square meters, and in the GAM area, 45,000 square meters, all fully prepared in case they are required.

We have a dedicated team for this service, allowing us to offer personalized and tailored services to meet each client’s needs. We utilize technological tools such as a website where clients can access their inventory and check the status of each vehicle within the yard 24/7, making us a valuable support for our customers.


We offer our clients Merchant Transportation services, from the port to the Zone Warehouse, and then, if required, to their final destination in the GAM area. This allows us to provide a complete service to our clients, ensuring we can control and meet delivery requirements on time.

Likewise, we offer our clients local transportation and Last Mile deliveries with a sister company called Yovoy, in case they require such services.

Air Cargo

We provide air cargo recovery services at Juan Santa Maria Airport. It’s as simple as pre-alerting us with the Airway Bill, and we handle all the customs procedures to recover the cargo to our warehouse or the airport’s own facilities. We offer an agile service that allows us to compete directly with other customs warehouses at Santamaria Airport.

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