Customs Brokerage

Accurate and Efficient Procedures

We offer timely and error-free customs procedures. We work based on our clients’ written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), leverage technology to automate regulatory compliance, and routinely measure our services to ensure quality. When you enlist our team of experts as your own, you are investing in a support system for your supply chain that transforms a cost center into a value-added activity that benefits the entire company.

Our clients experience:

Swift procedures thanks to the use of tariffs and the implementation of Artificial Intelligence.

Fewer errors.

Timely guidance.

Menor cantidad de errores

Our services include:

  • Customs Procedures in all regimes.
  • Technical Assistance in processes with the DGA (General Customs Directorate).
  • Customs Process Advisory.
  • Merciology Studies.
  • Tax Financing and third-party payments.
  • Merchandise Pledging through our sister company, Monte Crédito.


  • Definitive Importation. (Formal Entry)
  • Definitive Exportation.
  • Temporary Import and Export.
  • Courier.
  • Transit.
  • Free Zone
  • Active Processing and Passive Processing


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