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Our modern facilities feature alarm systems against break-ins, fire suppression, fire extinguishers, smoke detection laser systems, live-monitored CCTV, pest control, temperature and humidity monitoring systems, and digital access control to offices and warehouses. From our headquarters in El Coyol, Alajuela, located in the BES Free Trade Zone, we have successfully attracted clients from various industries, including medical device companies, suppliers to those industries with VMI, regional companies in need of a distribution center, and more.

We offer our clients:

Inventory planning, control, and management

Logistics Management and Goods Distribution.


Repackaging and Rebranding.

Transportation Control Tower.

Medical Device

We provide comprehensive management to our clients, covering raw material, packaging materials, and finished products. We conduct incoming and QRI (Quality Receiving Inspection) processes, coordinate international shipments, and handle scheduled and unscheduled deliveries. Our “On Call” service ensures 24/7/365 deliveries. Furthermore, with our sister customs agency, we facilitate operations in the Free Trade Zone and bonded transportation. With ISO 13485 certification, we meet the stringent standards of the medical device industry, ensuring product quality and custody. We have an advanced WMS and offer interfaces to link with customer CRMs. We manage NCR (Non-Conformance Reports), control lots, expiration dates, and supplier revision classification.


We have been chosen as strategic partners by medical device companies and generic suppliers who use our platform to supply both the Free Trade Zone and the domestic market. From their overseas offices, they focus on sales while we protect their products. Following their instructions, we prepare orders, coordinate customs procedures, and handle logistics for both domestic and international deliveries. Our VMI solution is part of our comprehensive Third-Party Logistics (3PL) services, covering from international transportation, customs, storage to distribution. We are committed to being your strategic partner, collaborating to drive your success and optimize efficiencies.

Through VMI, you can offer fast deliveries to your customers, reducing time to market and customizing delivery volumes. You don’t need to have a company registered in Costa Rica or worry about local billing, as we are outside the national territory in customs terms. VMI benefits include real-time visibility for informed decisions, transparent collaboration with suppliers, reduced operating costs, and flexibility in volumes.

or Regional Trade

Our solution has proven successful for commercial companies that optimize their inventory to meet consumer needs. Both local companies seeking efficient financial management, utilizing storage times to add value to their products and defer taxes, and regional importers looking to nationalize for local sale and re-export products without altering their origin and without paying import taxes in accordance with the international market, find value in our platform. Furthermore, international companies looking to establish a distribution center in Costa Rica can leverage the versatility of our system for labeling, repackaging, and other value-added tasks, with the only restriction being not altering the nature of the product or its tariff classification.

Local Manufacturing

Local manufacturing companies have found SISLOCAR SEL to be an ally in inventory management. Services such as Lot control and expiration date control allow them to maintain control over their raw materials, manage cash flow, and utilize their plant space for production.

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